How to pick a party menu that doesn’t keep you in the kitchen

party menu

If you want to host a party or just invite guests for tea, it’s best to plan a party menu with fewer dishes and less time to prepare.

Here’s what to look for when planning a menu for a party

  1. Think about flavor combinations. If the guests you are going to invite don’t like onions, avoid cooking dishes with onions, or the guests will spend the entire evening just putting onions on the edge of the plate.
  2. To make dishes look varied and appealing, use foods of different colors and textures.
  3. Think about having available countertops to handle the food, as well as enough shelves and storage space in the refrigerator. Prepare work surfaces for storing prepared foods.
  4. Prepare as best you can before guests arrive. Once you meet your guests, you won’t have time to deal with groceries and table decorations.
  5. Think about the budget. The event should not be very expensive. If you do not have a lot of money, do not necessarily buy the most expensive meat and wine. And the meat can be cheap, as well as wine and other products.
  6. When setting the table, use dishes of different heights and harmonious colors to make the table look attractive to guests.

Use appetizers

To attract guests and extend the time to prepare the main course, keep them busy with appetizers. These can be pickled olives or cucumbers, cheese or bacon sandwiches. The same appetizers can also be served after midnight if you plan to entertain until morning.


Canapés look so small that they seem easy to make. In fact, they take a long time to make, too. Make it easy on yourself:

  • Cook six to eight canapés per person, no more.
  • Serve this dish both hot and cold.
  • Prepare the canapés in advance.
  • Choose types that look beautiful, but do not require much pre-preparation.

The appeal of canapés depends not only on the canapés themselves, but also on the dishes on which they are served. They can be beautiful dishes, trays and plates. They can also be standard or unusual – glass or even mirrored. You can decorate trays and canapé dishes with edible flowers and herbs.

Despite the presence of snacks, you can mix and serve some products in small bowls.

These can be serving bowls of rice and sausage, sweet rice or risotto. Each bowl should have a small, perhaps disposable, fork.

Cold dishes

  1. Choose a main course. It can be grilled salmon or a burger.
  2. Make a variety of salads in color and texture: potato, pasta, tomato, and so on.
  3. It’s always good to have plates of delicacies on the table: smoked sausage or salmon, cheeses and other goodies. Meat Slices Recipe on Lettuce Leaves.
  4. Serve different kinds of bread and place a salad of exotic fruits and berries on slices of toast as needed.
  5. Serve 2-3 types of desserts of different shapes and textures – e.g., fresh lemon tart, tiramisu.

When planning a nature party, keep in mind that most dishes should be such that they can be eaten with one hand (e.g., meat on skewers). Do not serve meat that must be eaten with a fork and knife. It should only be served when all guests are seated at the table and have all the necessary cutlery at hand.

Hot Dishes

For hot dishes, serve meat or fish with some carbohydrate foods like potatoes or rice as a side dish. Turkey can be the crowning dish of the holiday table.

  1. If you’re serving spicy dishes, they don’t all have to be. Take one spicy dish and the rest are plain, otherwise it will be impossible to eat it all. Besides, not everyone likes such dishes either. If your guests are vegetarians, take care of a variety of vegetables. You can also serve lentils or beans.
  2. Serve a variety of sauces and dressings to add variety to the meal.
  3. You can also serve hot dishes for dessert. This could be baked fruit (apples, peaches) or a hot fruit pie.

Hot dishes do not have to be prepared in such a way as to be served immediately at the end of the meal. They can be prepared in advance and reheated before serving. Recipe for Meat Bread with Milk Gravy.

party menu


Plan drinks in advance as well. They should not be difficult to prepare. Cocktails can be prepared before the guests arrive so that you don’t have to deal with them again later. Instead of the usual carbonated drinks, it is a good idea to make something interesting, such as ginger beer or mint cocktails. Champagne, white wine and beer must be chilled well enough before serving, since they are completely tasteless when warm.

Pre-preparation is the main point when organizing a party. After all, any event is memorable for its festive mood and fun.

The more you plan and do in advance, the more time you will have later to have fun and relax.