Backyard party bar ideas

party bar

An outdoor party bar, whether it’s freestanding or part of a fully equipped kitchen, can significantly transform your backyard and make it a place to relax and entertain.

It can be anything you want, for any taste or budget. Often bar counters are made from repurposed items and materials such as pallets and barrels, and sometimes they are part of the kitchen. Some bar counters are attached to the kitchen, which is inside the house, and are a narrow countertop that connects to the building by a see-through window. Others are modified sheds or playhouses that have been outfitted as a bar.

Country bars go by many names, and can be seen in backyards and outdoor areas all over the world. Would you like one of these too? Then take a look at our best country bar ideas – you might find something interesting here for yourself!

Spacious outdoor bar

This L-shaped bar counter will suit owners of a large backyard. This spacious bar will fit all your friends and family. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy drinks and snacks cooked right there on the grill.

Pallet bar counter with storage shelves

In fact, a bar counter can be created out of anything – cutting boards, wine shelves, etc. This same bar counter is made from a pallet – it’s great for events and parties. The inside of the bar can be equipped with shelves to store bottles, glasses and bar tools.

Open bar with pizza oven

This stylish U-shaped wooden bar counter has a stylish small pizza oven built into it. Pizza can be assembled on the countertop and garnished with fresh herbs cut straight from the garden.

Boho-inspired bar counter

This stylish bar counter is decorated in a rustic boho style. The bar itself is made of pallets and decorated with wine labels, drink cans, and chocolate candy wrappers.

This particular bar you see in the photo is located on a real working farm in Cypress, Texas. To create this bar, a frame was used that had been sitting idle on the farm for about 20 years. The frame is complemented by wood and corrugated galvanized steel, which was used to decorate the barstools.

party bar

Blue resin barstool

This is another idea for a bar counter. In this case, the bar counter is a beautiful blue resin countertop, with the bar itself inside the building. A special window connects the bar and the bar.

Bar counter made of stone

This idea for a bar offers to perform a bar counter made of stone, behind which hides the kitchen surface for cooking outside.

Mixologist’s Bar

The mixologist’s bar is made of wood, and an interesting point is that there are two barrels built into the bar. Such an area would make a great place to relax on the back patio!

The fully equipped outdoor kitchen has plenty of room for cooking and for guests to sample that food and enjoy drinks. There is a special area with “fire” blue glass on the surface.

Wooden wall bar counter

This idea will appeal to those who want to save space and who care about nature. This wooden wall bar counter is made of versatile pallet wood, it takes up little space and has a vintage look.

Bar counter with a unique countertop

This is a very interesting solution – the top of this bar countertop is made entirely of lids from different kinds of beer. The frame of the bar counter is made of corrugated metal and wood, the table top consists of a lot of lids, which were poured with epoxy resin.

Canopy bar

This backyard bar counter is made of wood and corrugated metal. It’s covered by a canopy on top, with a large garland running along it in case you and your guests stay up late.

Pallet bar with straw decor

This bar counter is made of pallets, the free space of which is covered with a decor of straw. This approach gives it a tropical vibe and makes you want to drink a Mai Tai or a Margarita.

Adjacent bar

Another variation of the bar, which is attached to the kitchen. A great solution if you don’t have a lot of free space. The design is done in understated colors.

Folding bar counter

This bar counter consists of a shelf that holds drinks and a longer reclining table with legs that can seat up to 4 guests. Something similar was featured in the Irish Home and Garden magazine. This is a very practical solution, as the bar can be folded back when not needed.

The bar itself is made of corrugated, galvanized steel and recycled wood, while empty beer kegs act as chairs.

Bar annex

Another backyard bar solution, which in this case is in the form of an outhouse. Here you can drink your favorite cocktail, enjoy a cigar and a good meal. The bar consists of shelves for spirits, a countertop made from a solid piece of wood, and a wooden pellet stove. Other amenities include a beer dispenser, wired Internet access, TV, ceiling fan, vintage stools and special signage.

Bar with a beautiful view

Designed with an emphasis on clean, modern lines and materials, this bar not only allows you to sample delicious food and drinks, but also gives you a chance to admire the beautiful landscape.

Backyard pub

An interesting stylized backyard bar. The interior is decorated with vintage signs and posters, and a picture of a black cat hangs on the wall.

Outdoor tropical bar

This outdoor tropical bar is a small room in the backyard painted white. In addition to the Spanish flavor, there are a few modern touches such as nickel wall sconces and swivel bar stools.