Egg And Spoon Kitchen decor How to build kitchen wall decor

How to build kitchen wall decor

kitchen wall decor

Kitchen wall decor is a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen. It can range from simple wall art to intricate designs and artwork. It can be a great way to express your personality and add a warm and inviting atmosphere to your kitchen. Kitchen wall decor can be used to enhance the overall aesthetic of the space, as well as to provide a splash of color or texture to the walls. From paintings or prints to wall hangings and sculptures, there are a variety of options to choose from when it comes to kitchen wall decor.

Recommendations for decorating kitchen walls, both in an apartment and in a country house:

Choosing wall décor in the first place you should be guided by the overall color and stylistic solution of the kitchen.

The most suitable places for decoration are the area above the dining table, the apron, the space above the sink or the partition between the windows.

It is not advisable to use a large amount of decor for a small kitchen or for a room with a lot of complex details.

Panels, posters or paintings should be placed at eye level.

You should choose such elements of decor that can be removed at any time and put in order.

Decorative stickers.

Stickers are the most democratic and affordable wall decoration. There is a huge variety of options for stickers with complex or simple, multi-colored or monochrome designs, such as animals, birds, butterflies, flowers or trees, you can create a unique atmosphere in the kitchen.

Lettering and interior letters

Various inscriptions and volumetric letters, are considered to be a very original wall decor and allow you to create beautiful design accents in the room. Of them you can put words and sentences that carry a certain philosophical message.

Open shelves

Are not only decorative, but also a practical element of the interior. On them you can put colorful jars with spices, glasses, cups, beautiful small items or souvenirs, which provides an excellent opportunity to save space.

kitchen wall decor

Plates and Saucers

Harmoniously combined plates and saucers create a stylish and fashionable composition. This alternative décor is quite relevant when creating various interiors. To decorate the walls in the kitchen or dining room, it is not necessary to purchase souvenir or decorative saucers, as similar wall compositions can be done with ordinary tableware.

Cutting boards

Ordinary chopping boards with decoupage technique acquire an unexpected and completely new look. Such decor will noticeably enliven the environment and add originality to it.


Bas-relief or panel of stucco patterns is not just a design element, but a real work of art, which can fit perfectly into the room and surely draw attention.

Kitchen pictures

Rather not new, but still not losing its relevance decorating solution. A variety of paintings with images selected in the desired style, in a literate frame, will form a unified interior composition.

Living wall

A phyt wall is an original vertical garden. Green creates a favorable microclimate in the room, makes the atmosphere inexpressible and fills the space with nature and freshness.


Bright, bold and stylish posters enliven and transform an entire interior. Thanks to modern technology, you can come up with and implement your own unique posters that perfectly match the design concept.

Original clock

A classic décor option that is suitable for decorating almost any interior. Clocks are considered a very aesthetic addition to the room and undoubtedly become its bright semantic center.

Plants and flowers

Artificial or living green compositions add color expression to the environment and visually ennoble the space. 

Chalkboards and slate.

Can be placed on the wall, as a whole or in part. Not only are chalk or slate boards an original decoration, but also very comfortable, because on their surface you can write important nuances or recipes, and just do drawings, make notes or leave wishes.

Framed photos on the wall

Quite a common option for decorating the walls. The composition of several photos, can have a different set of arrangements, such as symmetrical or tiered. Pleasant moments on the photo, will bring to the atmosphere of joy, happiness and incredible coziness.


Transforms the room and changes the geometry of the space, so that its image is perceived in a completely different way. Mirrors have a huge decorative potential, make the design truly unique and make it play with new radiance.

Lighting and light fixtures

Large and small lights or illumination, advantageously emphasize certain parts of the wall and its finish, make the design softer and more refined and completely change the design of the room.

Wall design in the dining room

The wall near the table can be decorated with a variety of decorative ideas. To enliven the dining area and make it dynamic, will help paintings, mirror, posters, photos or other decor. Proper composite design, can ennoble the kitchen, harmonize the atmosphere and reflect personal taste.

The area above the table can also be highlighted, through fixtures, sconces or backlighting. This will create a pleasant lighting in the room and add to it a chamber.