Egg And Spoon Kitchen decor How to decor your kitchen split foyer

How to decor your kitchen split foyer

split foyer

Decorating your split foyer can be a fun and easy way to add personality and style to your home. There are a number of ways to decorate your split foyer, and you can choose whatever works best for your individual home. Here are some tips on how to decorate your split foyer.

Advantages of

  1. Convenience – thanks to the lack of doors and any other obstacles between the areas for cooking and recreation. In this case it would look great if any of the elements in the recreation area is fully repeated in its texture and color element of the kitchen set.
  2. The possibility to watch the children without taking a break from cooking, to communicate with other family members or guests;
  3. plenty of daylight due to the number of windows – for the kitchen it is important;
  4. The possibility to organize a party, gathering in one place a lot of people, while they will not feel constrained;
  5. The possibility to make the dining area as roomy as possible;
  6. No need to buy two TV sets.

Who is suitable for whom?

Creating a kitchen-living room design project is most relevant for those whose apartment is not distinguished by a large area. After all, it is small rooms that want to expand as much as possible. Combining the kitchen and living room copes with this task as well as possible.

How to make a kitchen split foyer? Features of zoning

Under zoning we mean the division of a single space into parts that differ according to the tasks and functions performed by them. In this case, the space is divided into:

  • kitchen;
  • dining room;
  • living room.

When decorating the dining room / living room area to emphasize:

Either on the design of a roomy dining group;

or on the seating area – with an emphasis on a soft sofa.

Present the dining group in a mini-format:

a small table;

its absence, and as an alternative – a bar counter.

Methods of zoning.

1) Arches, shelving, partitions, false walls of different configurations

One side of the false wall can be equipped for a small dining area with a TV, and the other – become the basis for a picture – decoration of the recreation area.

It looks very beautiful in one piece when both the partition and the dining table are made of the same material. For example, from wood or its quality imitation.

Arch – a design option for zoning, which is more typical for classic interiors. It is better if it is made in the same design as the facades of the kitchen set. This will make the design of the kitchen-living room as harmonious as possible.

If the kitchen-living room is decorated in a modern style, it is better to divide the space with functional partitions. On them, you can arrange a biokitchen, as well as shelves. If you make the partition in the same color as the walls of the room, visually it will not weigh down and not overload the space.

In addition, there are perforated models of partitions – also a very interesting solution.

2) Relatively large-sized interior elements:

Dining group table – ideally, if it will be fully or partially in harmony with the design of the kitchen set.

Bar counter – its countertop does not have to be a “continuation” of the kitchen set table top. Also looks interesting duplication of the texture of the material from which the hinged open shelves above it are made.

An aquarium is one of the most unusual options for zoning the space in the kitchen-living room. If all the walls in the room are decorated with white, the partition in which the aquarium is built, it is also better to decorate with the same color. White will beautifully emphasize the blue of the aquarium will make the shades brighter and more contrasting;

Armchairs, sofa – will look beautiful if the design of the sofa, upholstery cushions, plaids will repeat all the shades of design of the kitchen set. Thus, the kitchen transitions into the living room as smoothly as possible, and the whole room looks very harmonious;

Closet – quite a bulky partition, but very functional and practical. If done in white, as well as the walls and ceiling, it will not cause a feeling of overloaded space, and will fit in quite harmoniously.

split foyer

3) Floor design

By using different types of flooring in the same room, you can easily solve the problem of zoning. For kitchen spaces, it is important that the floor is practical. And for the living room – comfort and coziness.

For example, you can create a strong tile flooring in the kitchen area, and in the living room area to bed a cozy laminate. It looks very interesting when the tiles on the floor in the kitchen area and on the wall in the apron area match in color and design. It creates an interesting effect, as if the wall flows smoothly into the floor. The transition between the working and living areas in this case can be:


unusual, smooth, with the effect of “diffusion” – such a solution is especially popular today.

4) Ceiling

The ceiling surface can also have the property of zoning. For this purpose, a multilevel ceiling can be used. This solution will add a romantic and even festive atmosphere to the living room area, and in the kitchen area will provide a working mood and a better level of light.

Bearing beam – a feature of the ceiling design, which is in some rooms, can also take on the role of an element that zoned the space. Such a solution is characteristic of loft style kitchens.

5) Sliding or folding doors

6) Finishing materials for the walls

Using different, but constituting a beautiful duo, finishing materials for wall design, is also an interesting option on how to zone the kitchen-living room.