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How to decor kitchen island

kitchen island

A kitchen island is a special table with great functionality. It is located in the middle of the kitchen for easy movement around the working triangle. It is far from being a basic necessity in the kitchen, but its presence greatly facilitates the process of cooking for many housewives.

Islands first began to be used in restaurants so that chefs could approach the table from several sides.

Advantages of kitchen island tables

Installing this furniture will take up one to three square meters of your kitchen space. However, this loss is completely offset by the benefits that open up:

1. Convenience

The advantageous central location of the island allows you to bypass it from all sides, as well as cook with a group of people.

2. Functionality

Thanks to this table, you can get rid of a wall-mounted kitchen set. The island can contain:

  • cooktop and oven;
  • large appliances (compact refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher);
  • large countertops;
  • space for storing utensils and cutlery.

3. it can be used as a bar or breakfast counter. Lunch and dinner are more convenient for the whole family at the dining table. If the family members have breakfast at different times, it would be more convenient to do it individually at the table-island.

4. an island is an excellent choice for a spacious kitchen. But if you have a small kitchen, you should not despair. Now there are many narrow and compact models that fit well in rooms of small area.

5. A table island can separate the kitchen studio from the living room. This is one of the best ways of zoning the room (the same include the sofa).

kitchen island

Varieties of kitchen island forms

The first and most popular is rectangular. Perfectly placed in small elongated rooms.

Another variety is the square-shaped island table. It is not difficult to guess that this type is used in square kitchens. In addition, if the set is arranged in the letter “U”, the square island will also be appropriate.

The semi-circle shape goes well with an island that has a bar counter. The rounded side should be in its place. There are also fully round tables, as well as oval tables.

And finally the most convenient option is a U-shaped island, which allows you to be within walking distance to each section of the work surface.

If you want, you can order any shape, even the most unusual (zigzag, triangle, etc.) Their height will be about the same – in the range from 90 to 93 cm.

Rules of installation and arrangement

If you planned to build into your island sink, dishwasher, cooktop, oven, then take care of the wiring of the necessary communications: water and waste pipes, electricity. To conduct them, you will need to raise the floor a little. In addition, this technique assumes only a stationary type of island, and in no case mobile.

Table island requires additional lighting. Fixtures hanging from the ceiling directly above it would be ideal. LED lighting can be installed in the shelves.

You can choose as a factory transforming furniture, and with your own hands to make a set of standard elements, placing them together and covering the tabletop.


The total area of the island should not exceed 10% of the entire kitchen area. Passages around the table – not less than 1 meter in width. Otherwise, the room will look “overloaded”, and moving around it will become difficult.

In small kitchens, islands on castors will do:

  • The height is ~93 cm;
  • The countertop is made lower if cooking is accompanied by some effort (kneading dough). Then the height is ~75 cm.

Sometimes the island can be used as a dining table. Then the distance from the seat of the chairs to the table top should be 300-310 cm.

The rule of the working triangle should be necessarily observed here – the cooking surface, refrigerator, sink are located at a distance of 1.5 meters, and when “connecting” these three elements should get a triangle.

Designer’s tips

To make the room more spacious, give preference to islands with a through bar.

  • The color design can be anything, different from the main color scheme of the kitchen.
  • Pay great attention to the lighting, it must be bright enough, but not delivering discomfort.
  • Classic design will look the most advantageous with a decorative mensola shelf. Provence or country will complement well the holder of pans and cutlery, as well as a bunch of garlic and other food.