How to decor kitchen counter

kitchen counter

Decorating your kitchen countertops can be a fun and creative way to spruce up your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to add a few decorative pieces or completely redecorate your kitchen countertops, there are many ways to add style and flair to your kitchen. With the right decor and styling, you can give your kitchen a new look and feel that will bring out the best in your space. Here are some tips on how to decorate your kitchen countertops for a stylish and beautiful kitchen.


If you love houseplants, a great decoration would be a couple of compact pots with unpretentious flowers that do not need a lot of sunlight. Ideal when the work surface is large and close to the window.

To make the decoration not only pleasing to the eye, but also useful, you can plant fresh herbs: parsley, watercress, onions, spicy herbs.


Not at all a necessary kitchen attribute, which can take up too much space in a small room, but useful and beautiful as a decor. Often bread bowls are a real work of art.

Choose a container that suits your style: it can store not only bread, but also various packages with products, which in open form are unlikely to decorate the interior. The upper part can easily be used as a shelf.

Vase with fruit

In a glass dish, fruit bowl or metal basket – fruit will look perfect in any kitchen. They will liven up the ambiance and add a homely feel to the most restrained and minimalist interior.

It is not only beautiful, but also useful – passing by, you can replenish the vitamins in the body.

Photo Frames

A decor option for true aesthetes looking to add coziness to the kitchen and minimize its perception as a technical room for cooking. That’s why you choose “not kitchen” images for decoration: posters with inscriptions, laconic drawings and photos, botanical illustrations. Frames are arranged along the countertop and open shelves, creating an unusual gallery.


A real trend that has become widespread abroad is the use of a multi-tiered fruit shelf not for its intended purpose.

Small pots with houseplants are placed on the three-tiered tray, decorate it for the holidays, decorating it with candles, Easter eggs and sweets, and arrange a tea station, displaying aesthetic mugs and a variety of beverage varieties. The priority, as usual, is wood and metal.

Flower pot

This idea from IKEA is not new, but still able to surprise those who do not expect to meet on the kitchen countertop flower pot without plants. A bold solution will suit those who are looking for an unusual container for a whole bouquet of cutlery.

A pot with a hole in the bottom would make a good drying rack, because all the moisture would run off into the tray.

kitchen counter

Lemonade pot

Another great way to spruce up your kitchen is to have a pretty, colorful glass pitcher or lemonade stand in a prime location. If you love refreshing drinks, it’s worth placing a glass container with brightly colored contents on the countertop to put yourself and those around you in a good mood, reminding you of a sunny summer.

Epoxy board

An impressive piece of hardwood and composition in the form of a piece of space or the sea is used not only as a decor – on such cutting boards you can cut and serve food.

Even a single board, neatly and tastefully made, can add personality and elegance to your kitchen. 


In a small kitchen, you shouldn’t place a stack of books close to the sink and stove – they will quickly warp and fall into disrepair that way. But if there’s enough countertop space, place cookbooks or art books in a wicker or metal basket.

It’s a fail-safe way to make the ambiance more homely.

Despite the fact that the kitchen serves as a place for cooking, the countertop can be decorated with items not “kitchen” at all: this will give the interior appeal and support the chosen style.