How to decorate a kitchen for a birthday party

birthday party

When it comes to decorating a kitchen for a birthday party, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it is important to think about the theme of the party. If the party is themed around a particular food, it might be fun to bring some of that edible decor into the kitchen.

A birthday is a special holiday for everyone. In addition, it is a wonderful occasion to get together with family and friends at the festive table. And in order for such gatherings to be remembered as something bright and interesting, it is worth thinking in advance how the table itself will be decorated.

Features of decorating the kitchen

It is very important when decorating the place for the celebration to take into account the character and interests of the birthday boy. The festive table can be set anywhere, even in the office, even at home or in a restaurant. The main thing is to stick to one theme. All the details chosen for the table decoration should be combined with each other. Planning to decorate the table with flowers or bunches of leaves, you should make sure that they are in good condition and do not fall off.

It is also necessary that the setting should correspond to the level of the event and the location of the celebration. For family gatherings at home, something more simple and homemade is suitable, because the comfort of all the guests is most important here. If you need to decorate a holiday table for colleagues or plan the decor of an expensive restaurant, everything should look more formal.

An overview of the elements

When decorating the table, every detail matters. Therefore, you should think through all the details, even those that seem insignificant at first glance.


The first thing you need to think about is the background for all other details. The tablecloth must be smart, corresponding to the mood of the celebration. But it is important that it is not too distracting. A simple monochrome tablecloth would be optimal. You can also use fabric with a light pattern.

Bright fabrics with a catchy pattern are used only if some original subject is chosen. For example, if the holiday is in the Mexican style, you can choose a tablecloth with bright colors, if in the rustic style – with embroidery or fringe.

Any tablecloth should look neat. It is not allowed to have any dirt or stains on it. It is also important to iron it in advance. To prevent the fabric from fidgeting on the tabletop, it is necessary to cover it with oilcloth in advance. Only then it is worth laying the tablecloth.


Another important stage is the choice of tableware. Since the holiday table will be a lot of different appetizers and main courses, you should not clutter it with plates. The number of plates should correspond to the number of guests. It is best to use glass or ceramic ware. Plastic dishes are sometimes bought for the children’s table. It is advisable to choose basic colors.

It is best to use for decorating the holiday table if not dishes from the same set, then at least parts that perfectly match each other. According to the norms of etiquette on the table should also be present plates for bread and small saucers for snacks.


Next, next to the plates, the cutlery is arranged. The main rule, which should be observed, is that the forks are on the left side, and the spoons and knives – on the right. The knife should be placed with the blade towards the plate, the spoon with the spoon nose down and the fork with the teeth down.

If the meal involves a change of dishes that require different utensils, the tableware should be placed closer to the plate, and appetizers farther away. Dessert items are stacked behind the plate. They should lie parallel to the edge of the table.

Glassware should also be properly selected and arranged. The best option is the glassware or crystal. For each drink there must be a separate glassware. The first thing to set up is the glasses for water. Then – the glasses for wine, cognac and other strong drinks.

birthday party


For a large feast, it is worth using cloth napkins. They look much prettier than paper napkins and do not spoil the picture they create. Good napkins can even be part of the decor. You do not need any additional elements. There are many ways to fold napkins in an original way. They make swans, flowers and other interesting figures. 

Here are a few ideas that any hostess can realize:

Crown. Several napkins are rolled in neat triangles. They are placed in the form of a crown. If necessary, sometimes fastened at the bottom.

Fan. Napkins are folded at an angle and placed in the form of a neat fan.

Bird. In this case, neatly rolled up and laid out in a semi-circle, napkins represent the tail.


Such decoration, as a rule, is used, decorating a children’s holiday. Brightly colored balloons with helium floating above the table will raise the children’s spirits. And at the end of the holiday, they can even be distributed to guests as a keepsake.

However, and “adult” holiday table can also be decorated in this way. If the table is decorated in light colors, the light translucent balloons will fit perfectly in this picture. If desired, the balloons can be further decorated with ribbons or tulle.


Flowers at a party are never superfluous. You can choose beautiful and original bouquets under the theme of any holiday. But it’s best, of course, to give preference to the favorite flowers of the birthday boy. It is also possible to take something neutral, for example, light roses. 

When choosing such a living decoration, it is important to take into account several other points:

  • Do not choose flowers with very strong odors. First, some of the guests may be too sensitive to smells. Secondly, the fragrance of flowers can “clog” the smell of delicious freshly cooked food.
  • Some of the flowers can be used in a more unusual way: break them up into petals and use them to decorate the space between the plates. Also, petals should be added to a vase with water along with candles. You will get a beautiful composition.
  • Bouquets can be supplemented with ferns or any other bright green leaves.

Be sure to choose appropriate vases for the bouquet as well. There are several options suitable for the holidays:

  • Tall vases. In this case, the flowers will rise above the rest of the dishes and in no way interfere with getting the right food.
  • Low vases. They should be almost flat. In this case, the flower stems are cut very short, leaving almost the buds themselves.
  • Original. In this case, it is necessary to choose one beautiful vase, which will stand in the center of the table.


When choosing dishes, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of the guests. The menu should be varied. Include meat and fish dishes, as well as salads.

To pleasantly surprise guests with not only tasty, but also beautiful dishes, you need to decorate them additionally. For this you can use the original figures or flowers from vegetables or greenery. Also unusual can be the serving of the dish itself. They can be served separately neat sauces with all the necessary dressings.

Arrangement is also important. Main courses are usually placed in the center. Nearer to the edges are salads and a variety of appetizers. The bottles with drinks can also be decorated in some way so they do not spoil the picture. For this purpose, ribbons, original labels and flowers are used.


For decorating the table you can also use candles. They can put the right accents and create a more cozy atmosphere. Candles, of course, are not a scented candle, but an ordinary candle. The colors should be chosen so that they seamlessly fit into the overall picture. You can put candles in beautiful candle holders.


Edible decor is another interesting detail that should not be missed. In summer, you should pay attention to watermelon baskets filled with fruits and berries. Everyone can make them with their own hands. And in winter, you can surprise your guests with original snacks from exotic fruits.

Paying a little more attention to the holiday table, you can organize an unforgettable holiday for your loved ones.