How to decor a small kitchen

small kitchen

Decorating a small kitchen can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple tips and tricks, you can make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter. The key is to use light colors, multi-functional furniture, and clever storage solutions.

There are usually no problems with the layout of a large kitchen. You can fit everything you need into it without any problem. But what about small kitchen leaves much to be desired? To make your kitchen as functional as possible while still having enough space, here are a few simple guidelines.

Use built-in appliances

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to get a built-in appliance. This way you can save space and increase the work surface area. You can also use appliances with more than one function. For example, buy an oven with a microwave function.

If the owners cook rarely and do not often take large companies, you can do with a cooking surface with two or three burners. In addition, you can buy a small multicooker with steam cooking function. Then two burners will be enough even for a family of 3-4 people.

It is not necessary to have the hob and oven in the same module. If such a placement takes up a lot of space, it is worth thinking about other solutions for the layout.

Another tip – it is also better to choose a built-in hood. It does not take up as much space, and in terms of power it is not inferior to conventional units.

To give up the dishwasher because of the lack of space is not worth it at all. It is simply recommended to choose a narrower model. It will be enough and equipment with a width of 45 cm. And in the remaining space to place drawers for storing detergents, bottles with oil or spices.

Make the fronts of the kitchen set as high as possible

One of the tricks that visually expand the room is the placement of cabinets all the way to the ceiling. If the furniture will not end abruptly and pass simply into the wall, it will look more aesthetically pleasing. Such a design seems more complete. In addition, such high furniture will help to place all the necessary items and free up tables and work surfaces.

When choosing a kitchen set, it is important to use all possible space, down to small corners.

Use folding furniture

This kind of furniture will most likely have to be ordered from a craftsman. Stores may not have exactly what you need. Of course, a custom order costs an order of magnitude more. But the feeling of comfort and freedom are worth it.

Instead of the usual dining table, you can install a folding table that is attached to the table top or wall. Chairs are also better to buy folding Now there is a huge selection of such options, so to find under your design of similar furniture will not be a problem. If the chairs are not needed, they are quickly folded and stowed in a corner or behind a cabinet.

Also, instead of a full dining table you can install a bar counter. It will both visually expand the space and not really take up much space.

Intelligent storage organization

Proper organization of storage is the key to free space in the kitchen. Even a small number of drawers and shelves can accommodate everything you need. Make the most of organizers, dividers and all kinds of containers. Then on the shelves you can put items in several rows. It is better to choose transparent ones for all the kitchen helpers. This way you will be able to find the thing you need faster without having to go through all the shelves or drawers.

To fit everything you need in a small kitchen, we recommend using the following tips:

  • Hang small cabinets or shelves above the door.
  • Choose benches or kitchen corners with extra storage. Put tablecloths or kitchen utensils that you rarely use.
  • Don’t forget to organize storage under the sink. You can hang baskets or hooks on the doors.
  • Equip the corner section with retractable sections or a rotating system.
  • It is recommended to choose a set not only to the ceiling, but also to make maximum use of the space near the floor. You can make small drawers, where you can easily place baking molds, foil or bags.
  • To free up the countertop, jars of bulk or spices are recommended to be screwed to the bottom surface of the cabinets.
  • The space above the refrigerator should also not be empty.

Use lifting mechanisms

Nowadays, kitchen sets with lifting and sliding mechanisms can no longer be ordered individually, because most furniture manufacturers build them into their standard sets.

The use of lifting and sliding mechanisms has a number of advantages:

  • It is possible to pull the drawer out of the cabinet completely and inspect its contents.
  • Easy to operate – all drawers, even the heaviest ones, are easy to open.
  • Facades equipped with lifting mechanisms, when opened, fold in half, so you will need less space to open them.
  • There are economy and premium class mechanisms – everyone will find an option for their budget.

Use pull-out systems

Retractable systems help make use of even the smallest available space. Just 10-15 cm of free space is enough to organize a storage space there. Despite the fact that the drawer will be narrow, you can fit a lot into it due to its length.

If you purchased furniture without drawers, this can easily be corrected. There are many furniture fittings on sale now that can easily fit any set. Retractable systems are easy to install on your own, you only need to have a minimal set of tools.

In addition to increasing free space, pull-out designs make it easier to find the necessary utensils and other utensils, which makes the process of cooking even faster and more comfortable.

small kitchen

Use the furthest corners for storage

It’s often very difficult to place large kitchen utensils (such as large pots or dishes) in small cabinets. Space in a corner cabinet can help. To make it convenient to put items in it and take them out, we recommend using a rotating design – a carousel. However, this solution has one drawback – the corners will remain unused.

If you are just going to buy furniture, order its manufacture according to individual parameters. Equip the bottom cabinets with drawers.

Another tip to increase the free space: do the shelves in the upper cabinets more often (not one or two, but at least three, and better and four – it all depends on the size of the utensils that will be stored there).

Don’t forget the rails

Rails for the kitchen is not only practical, but also beautiful and stylish. Rails can be filled with the following details:

  • hooks for kitchen utensils;
  • Shelves for spice jars;
  • racks for cutlery or dishes;
  • small lamps.

Most often the rails are placed under cabinets, but you can find them near the countertop or above the island. Thanks to the installation of rails, the space in the kitchen becomes larger, and the room itself looks tidier.

Another advantage of using the rails is the time saving, because during the preparation of food everything is at hand. In addition, such helpers do not require special maintenance. It is enough to wipe them from dust regularly. Cost rails are inexpensive, and any man can cope with their installation, there is no need to call a master for this.

All of the above rules will help to save space in a small kitchen and make it visually larger. It is important to carefully approach the layout of the room. It may be necessary to spend a lot of money for the competent arrangement of a small kitchen. However, it is worth it. After all, in the future, even in a small room will be convenient and to cook and eat prepared.