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What is a Scottish kitchen party

Scottish kitchen party

Scottish kitchen party seems to shy away from outsiders, hiding in the fog of legends and myths. It is surprisingly contradictory, and, as it may seem at first glance, not too friendly. But a traditional Scottish party is sure to dispel any stereotypes and show guests just how much fun and soulful people live in the north of Albion.


Accustomed to the broad black stripes in their country’s history, this nation has literally learned at a genetic level to be frugal “just in case”. When organizing a Scottish style party, it’s important to feel the line beyond which necessity ends and excess begins. Of course, the atmosphere should be festive, but without ostentatious luxury and not at the expense of decor, assembled “on the knee.

For this holiday suit a pub / restaurant in the Celtic style: dim lights, rough furniture, oak barrels, on the walls of weapons, armor and hunting trophies. An ideal option is to relax in nature according to the scenario of the Scottish Highlander Games (an ancient tradition, a competition of male warriors). In the apartment, a Scottish party will be just as much fun if you create a themed atmosphere. We offer ideas:

  • Plaid or tartan, a national ornament recognized worldwide. Plaids, tablecloths, pillows, curtains, ribbons on vases. Colors are to your taste, but authentic tartan is distinguished by harmony of natural shades. In addition to fabric, you can print pictures with a suitable texture;
  • To create home comfort, make a mock fireplace: glue over a cardboard “frame” wallpaper with the texture of stone, cut out of paper tongues of flame. Or a bio-fireplace in the center of the table, volumetric candles in groups. The Scots consider themselves a fire nation, no national holiday is without a fire show;
  • Weapons (axes, swords, claymores, knives, shields) – print a large photo or draw, cut out in silhouette, glue on a solid base. These paraphernalia will come in handy for a photo shoot in the Scottish style, wagering scenarios, as wall decorations;
  • colorful photos will help to immerse in the theme of the party – castles, impregnable cliffs, mossy woods, hills overgrown with broom and heather (one of the national symbols). And portraits of Scots in national costumes will finally make guests believe the reality of the little trip;
  • iconic fauna – deer, trout and salmon, pheasants, sheep, Highland cows (furry charm!). These symbols are desirable to reflect in the party decorations. Drawings on dishes, pictures, prints on paraphernalia, Scottish souvenirs or just similar figures;
  • iconic flora – ferns (indoor in pots), cereals (sell decorative bouquets), heather, juniper and pine trees. Add to the interior thistle – the flower of Scotland, the emblem of an ancient order and a symbol of national character. You can write the motto: “No one will touch me with impunity”;
  • Mythology – unicorns (depicted on the coat of arms), ghosts, faeries, the Loch Ness monster. Also pictures, figurines. Let Nessie float in the bathtub or aquarium, and the sheet ghost keep watch behind the curtain/in the closet;
  • whiskey is the pride of every Scot! The reverent attitude can be reflected in a host of ways. For example, collect garlands of labels (print authentic ones), put candles in bottles, use kegs instead of chairs;
  • it is easy to assemble garlands from any of the listed paraphernalia: cut paper/wallpaper of a suitable color into rhombuses, fold, glue triangles on a string and glue in the center of the image. Thistle paper flowers, ribbons of plaid fabric, flags, coats of arms, kilts can be assembled into garlands.
Scottish kitchen party


Tartan patterned paper is ideal for the base of a themed card. On top of any attribute or randomly several national symbols. Print the text in an ornate Celtic font. You can make an invitation in the shape of a bagpipe, kilt, Nessie, castle, etc.

Original invitations for a Scottish party are “vintage” scrolls tied with plaid ribbon. Buy aged paper or make coffee paper (it’s easy), and handwrite it better.


The national Scottish clothing of men is recognized around the world because of the kilt. It used to be a woollen plaid draped around the waist for comfort. The kilt has “lost” to the skirt relatively recently – today it is a traditional item of clothing, which most people wear only on holidays.

In addition to the kilt, Scottish costumes include gaiters, a shirt, jacket or vest, tie or bowtie. On the head is a beret with a pompom and/or bow, feather, brooch (clan symbol). The kilt is held at the waist by a wide belt with a massive buckle, and a large purse hangs at the front of the belt.

Women’s Scottish clothing is simpler – a floor-length dress or blouse and a long skirt. The wide, long sleeves of the shirt are gathered at the wrists with cuffs, and the figure is emphasized by the corset. Stylized women’s tartan suits are a great option for a party: comfortable, moderately frank, bright.

If there is little time to prepare, sew accessories for everyone: berets, scarves, plaid bow brooches, etc. The color determines the belonging to this or that clan – this point can be played, according to the scenario, dividing the guests into two teams-clan.

For a party with humor: Nessie costume, whiskey bottles or a Scottish movie character, red wigs/beards, T-shirts with a collie, a lop-eared cat, a scotch terrier, any thematic drawing.

Menu, serving

To make the party perfect down to the last detail, surprise your guests with a few dishes of national Scottish cuisine. Include lamb and beef, sea fish and seafood, vegetables, cheeses in the menu. Meat is better baked or cooked on coals.

Do you want to amaze your friends? Serve haggis – the famous dish of lamb lungs, heart and liver is the main culinary experiment of the evening! Instead of stomach, if that’s not an option for you, haggis can be cooked in artificial casing or as a casserole, with no casing at all.

Prepare some potato dishes – baked with a cheese crust, fried in slices with bacon (there are hundreds of recipes). The potato is the main vegetable in the north of Albion, and the local varieties are called the best in the world by experts. Restaurants even have the equivalent of a wine list, but for a choice of potato varieties!

Scotch eggs “hidden” inside a cutlet are wonderful for a festive table, a very tasty serving. Do not do without pastries: traditional puddings, rolls, pies and cakes with a variety of fillings. And the proud Celtic descendants adore sweets, from homemade cookies (do not forget the oatmeal – it is believed that it was invented by the mountaineers), to candy, marmalade, candied fruits.

Oats have a special place in the folk cuisine, they are added to puddings and other pastries, soups, haggis, etc. Treat your friends to a great dessert Cranachan – cream or soft sweet curd, oat flakes in caramel, honey, whiskey if desired, raspberries. Served in tall glasses, the recipe is very simple.

The table is to be laid with no extravagances, homemade. The tablecloths are traditionally chequered and the dishes are either china or disposable, stylized. Painted plates with reindeer, salmon, thistle (souvenir ones sold on the net) are perfect for serving. If the menu is mixed, mark the national dishes with mini country flags and decorate cocktail straws with them.