Vanilla bean and banana jam

I had my first taste of banana jam at Ottolenghi and still dream about it three years later.  We couldn’t get the exact recipe out of him, but I seem to remember the secret being lemon juice and lots of it. Here’s my own recipe for a similar and totally more-ish jam, perfect for when you have a huge pile of bananas going brown & speckled.

Ingredients: 1kg over-ripe bananas ( about 10 large bananas ), 1 kg caster sugar, 1 vanilla bean – split & deseeded, 50ml lemon juice

Peel & weigh the bananas, lightly mash. Using a deep pan set over a medium high heat, bring the banana, sugar, lemon and vanilla ( seeds and pod ) to the boil. Stir regularly and gently, use a sugar thermometer to gauge the temperature. Bring to 110°c – this could take 20 minutes – then remove from heat.  Use a ladle to spoon the jam into sterilised jars. Seal and leave to set.

When cool enough to handle, pop in the fridge overnight & it will be perfect for morning toast   x

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