Stir it up

Stir it up

Well done & huge thanks to everyone who made it to Christmas Pudding Club.  Between us we made over 50 puddings and raised over £100 for the World Food Programme !! Hooray for you lot !!

It took 10kg raisins, 2.5kg each of figs, sultanas, currants & cherries, 5 litres of brandy (!!!) , zest & juice of 20 oranges and 10 lemons, 5kg brown sugar, 2.5kg veg suet, 2 kg breadcrumbs, 2.5kg flour, 2kg almonds, 50g cinnamon, 100g mixed spice, 25g nutmeg and 100 eggs to make one MASSIVE amount of pudding mix.

Please send us photos of your puddings in action – don’t forget to tag your pics #eggandspoonkitchen – we’ll send a box of egg&spoon gold dust brownies to the winner. Bonus points if you’re wearing your best christmas jumper!

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photo: egg&spoonkitchen | words: fran soler