Guest blog – Your song

Hi! We are YourSong – no, we are not another DJ or live band offering to play covers at your wedding! We are a bespoke songwriting service trying to save the world from generic first dances, one song at a time.

I – Simon – have been writing songs for a decade, and after penning my brother’s wedding tune, decided to take the first dance to the next level.

YourSong was born just over a year ago, and in that time I have been lucky enough to be a part of numerous weddings and celebrations. I personally meet / skype the happy couple before their big day, and find out as much as I can about them, without becoming a stalker of course!

I go away, write a song and return it to the couple in basic form, so that they can tell me anything they are not sure about. Once any changes have been made and they are happy with the song, I call upon the gods ( my music pals ) and record the song with all the necessary chocolate sprinkles. The result, a beautifull sounding radio pop wedding song!

I absolutely love what I do and I think that’s what makes it work. I have done many surprise songs from bride to groom and groom to bride – it definitely makes for an alternative wedding speech! We also have lots of extras which can be found on our website.

Click here for some example YourSongs

Happy listening! YourSong x